370 crowns a day in quarantine

People who have to quarantine themselves could receive a bonus of up to 370 crowns per day - according to their salary.

The employer would pay this bonus for ten days. They would then reduce their social security contribution by the sum of these expenses. This proposal was approved by the government and now needs to be accepted by the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate and signed by the president.

According to the bill, these bonuses should be paid from March to the end of June. They are intended to increase public interest in testing and reporting contacts. People earning approximately over 31,300 crowns a month should get the maximum amount of 370 crowns. Quarantined employees now receive 60% of their average earnings.

The same rules would apply to people with part-time jobs or to contract workers - but not to the self-employed. However, the cabinet is preparing to increase the compensation bonus from 500 to 1,000 crowns per day. Self-employed people receive this bonus for not being able to do business - this includes being in quarantine.

Those who got into quarantine within five days of returning from abroad also would not receive this bonus - with the exception of people returning from business trips.