5 million crowns and an apology

President Miloš Zeman´s office insists on an apology and 5 million crowns compensation from former council member of Brno Svatopluk Bartík (Žít Brno). Bartík said in 2017 before the presidential election, that Zeman has cancer and has only few months to live. He published this information on his social media.

The President first asked for an apology to be published on social media, now he wants it in the form of an official letter, his lawyer Marek Nespala said. The Court interrogated the doctor and he proved that the president has never had cancer and except for diabetes he is a healthy man, his lawyer added.

The judge also investigated Bartík´s property status to find out what amount of money would not be devastating for him. Bartík estimated 50 thousand crowns. The next court hearing will take place in a month.