At least two more weeks of strictest measures

The government decided to keep the current anti-Covid restrictions corresponding to level five of the PES system at least until January 22.

The Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for ANO) did not rule out further tightening of measures - it will depend on the development of the epidemic. But according to him, the restrictions adopted at the end of December should start having a positive effect on the numbers during next week.

It is also very probable that the cabinet will have to once again ask the Chamber of Deputies to prolong the state of emergency which now applies until January 22, Blatný said.

Blatný also confirmed that next week, a new set of rules for the anti-epidemic PES system should be published. You can find the current table (in English) here. According to members of the opposition, it is possible that the new restrictions will not need the state of emergency to be in place for levels one and two.