Autumn election: In quarantine people lose the right to vote

The Regional and Senate election is planned for this autumn and quarantined people will not be able to vote. The current situation and predictions for the second Covid-19 wave in a few months is not enough of a reason to postpone the planned election at this moment, according to the Ministry of Interior.

In case a person is ordered to be in quarantine by the hygienic station, they cannot even vote through a portable ballot box, according to the Deputy Minister of Interior. The Government does not plan on postponing the autumn election yet. The situation would have to become more critical than in March and April.

Opposition leaders are protesting against this decision. According to them, it is not acceptable that people may lose their right to vote - their proposal is to quickly introduce the method of correspondence voting or otherwise allow people in quarantine to vote. According to Deputy Minister Petr Mlsna (whole article in Czech HERE), however, the restriction of the right to vote is based on the constitution and is in line with it. These restrictions can happen in exceptional cases such as quarantine or tuberculosis.