Boston firefighters to test nanomasks from Pilsen

Nanomasks developed by WPA from Pilsen are heading to the USA. Firefighters from Boston asked for them to test them. The company is currently awaiting certification from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

During April, engineers from Workpress Aviation (WPA), which until pandemic only produced components for the aerospace industry, especially for Airbus and Boeing, created a prototype breathing mask. The company invested one hundred million crowns in the development and started production. Currently, five thousand face masks are being created in Pilsen's production halls every day. Local engineers have developed the eighth version so far.

Boston firefighters were interested in using this type of protective equipment so the company sent 30 masks to USA last week for testing. For the market in the United States, the company has a distributor who arranges the delivery to the fire brigade there. Success in the USA would bring not only new orders, but above all prestige for this Czech company. If they are successful in Boston, it is assumed that stations from all over the United States will want them.

Why are nanomasks special?

The masks are made from certified material that adheres to the face, has two breath filters on the sides and one exhalation valve at the front. According to company owner, Jiří Heckel, the filter is resistant to viruses and bacteria, and the entire mask can be disinfected and therefore reused. It has certificates, according to which it is even more effective than the FFP3 class respirators.

The Fire Brigade of the Pilsen Region already had received 800 free of charge masks during September and now it has been distributed to individual units and setting the regime of their use.Also, e.g. they will be used by DHL couriers or paramedics in the Pilsen University Hospital.