Burning of the Witches

On April 30, Czechs celebrate the day of "Burning of the Witches" - even this year, despite the pandemic and related restrictions.

Lighting of fires, feasting, singing, dancing and burning effigies of witches - those are the traditions associated with April 30. Official celebrations are cancelled - same as last year. However, Czechs seem to be preparing for private ones, grocery stores report.

According to the sellers, the sales of "špekáčky" - short fat sausages usually roasted on a stick over a campfire - are increasing. People are also buying more meat for grilling, beer or wine. The higher demand for these goods can be attributed not only to today's celebrations - but also to favourable weather in the last days and the growing popularity of home barbecues.

The Minister of Health Petr Arenberger (for ANO) called on people to adhere to the current measures so not to spoil the improving epidemic situation in the country. However, he also added that he was optimistic due to the fact that the Easter holiday at the beginning of the month did not change the development of the epidemic.

Officially, people are allowed to only meet in a maximum number of two - both outside and inside. However, after the end of the state of emergency on April 11, this restriction was put into place only by an extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health. The police have previously said that they would not enforce this measure, as they have no basis in law for it. On the other hand, they can check wearing of face masks in public.