Changes from May 24

More schools to open, hotels and other accommodation services to resume operation, zoos will admit more visitors & more changes from May 24:

Starting next week, hotels will be once again allowed to accommodate guests. They will have to be fully vaccinated, have a doctor's certificate proving they have had Covid-19 or present a negative coronavirus test that will be valid for 48 hours after sampling. People will only be able to stay for seven days - after that, they will have to get tested again (approved self-test kits on site are allowed).

Also from May 24, zoos and botanical gardens will open their indoor pavilions - with a limit of one visitor per 15 square metres. Their operation will continue to be limited to 50% of the capacity. Right now, only outdoor areas are open.

All primary schools will resume normal operation without alternating weeks learning from home. Pupils will also return to high schools. Universities will be able to resume theoretical teaching - but most of them will already have the examination period by then.

It will also be possible to host cultural events for up to 1 000 people outdoors and 500 indoors. The government also announced that indoor spaces of restaurants would probably open in the first half of June.