With the new Covid test, the result can be within two hours

The complete test for the diagnosis of covid-19 and types A and B influenza was presented today in Prague by representatives of Charles University.

The sampling set together with the isolation and detection kit is intended to speed up the testing. It was developed by experts from the UK and the private sphere. Part of the product, namely the covid-19 test, was introduced by the university in early September. It's already on sale. According to the rector of Charles University Tomáš Zima, the university has not yet discussed it with the government.

The university has previously stated that the time from the arrival of a sample in the laboratory to the result will take less than an hour and a half. According to Zima, the time can get to an hour and ten minutes. In August, Zima stated that the standard time for a PCR test is usually around two hours. However, the transport of samples must be added to the test time, for example.

The university intends to sell the testing set both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Its total price should not exceed 1200 crowns.