Children will return to school

Next Wednesday, 18th of November, the process of returning children to schools will start. First, pupils from first and second years of primary schools, special schools, health education schools will return. Additionally, individual consultations will also be possible beginning next week if the epidemic situation continues to improve, said the Minister of Education Robert Plaga (for ANO).

Children will return to school in whole classes, they will not be divided into groups as it was at the beginning of the school year. School clubs and canteens will also be open. However, schools will have to ensure that there is no mixing of classes. The same class will therefore learn together, go to lunch and spend time in the group. Masks will have to be worn in corridors as well as in the classrooms. Windows will have to be open regularly after every class.

After the first group of children coming back to school, the final years of primary, secondary and higher schools will very likely be up next. It is not certain, however, when this will happen. The ministers of health and education have earlier commented that the individual stages of school opening should be separated by 14 days, so that each step could be evaluated.