Controversial pillar has been raised

The Old Town Square was busy today with workers raising the Mariánský pillar in the centre of the square. After more than hundred years it returned to its original place after lot of controversies.

The original baroque pillar from the year 1652 was destroyed in 1918 as a symbol of the overthrown Habsburk monarchy. Its pieces are stowed in the National Museum.

Right after the demolition initiatives to rebuild it started but not until the Velvet Revolution did the volunteers start working on it. In the 2017 building authorities of Prague 1 approved reinstallment of the replica but political representation refused it for it reportedly divided Prague citizens.

Supporters of the pillar say it is an art piece of Baroque style and a symbol of protection in the Thirty Years´ War. Opponents say it is a symbol of oppression by the Habsburk monarchy and recatholicization.

New Prague representatives approved the reinstallment of the pillar in January 2020. Replica´s sculpucturer Petr Váňa had worked on it for 23 years. His work was finished on Thursday June 4th.