Corona-measures: Newest Changes

Czech borders partly opened on Tuesday allowing the Czechs to visit Slovakia or Hungary and vice versa for maximum of 48 hours. Airports and railways are back on track but tourists are not yet allowed to the country. What are the newest rules?

Czechs, Slovaks and Hungarians can visit each other and come back to their country within 48 hours. People do not need negative covid-19 test in order to make such a trip but they will have to prove that they have not spent more than two days abroad. Czech government has been trying to make similar agreement with Poland and Austria, both countries have been hesitant.

Austria (and Germany as well) at least allowed to open their borders. Airports, road and railway borders with both countries have been opened. Border checks on these crossings will be only random. Still everyone needs to prove themselves with a negative covid-19 test.

Tourists still cannot visit Czechia though. New measure allows European citizens or those who have permanent residency in any of the EU countries come to the Czech republic but only for business purposes or to visit family members or their long-term partners.

Another wave of changes will probably occur 8th June according to minister of foreign affairs Tomáš Petříček (Social Democratic Party - ČSSD). Czech republic then might not demand negative tests on people who would be coming from non-risky countries - these are now considered to be Slovakia, Austria or Croatia. It could also be Greece and Bulgaria. According to minister of interior Jan Hamáček (Social Democratic Party - ČSSD) Czech republic could get to pre-covid regime after 15th June.