Covid-19: Red for Croatia?

Record numbers of infected people in Croatia might be a signal not only for the Czech Republic to put the country on the list of risky states for traveling. The latest record was "achieved" on Saturday with 309 new cases. Some other European countries have already listed Croatia to the red list.

Slovenia, Austria and from Saturday also Great Britain - citizens of these countries must have a negative test or go to a 14-day quarantine (in case of the UK) after coming back from Croatia. According to the Czech embassy in Croatia, new measures might be introduced for Czech tourists too, but no sooner than at the beginning of September. The Ministry of Health will be discussing further steps this week.

On Sunday, there were 12-hour-long queues on the Croatian borders as tourists tried to leave the country before the new measures came into effect, according to Austrian media. Still, there are approximately half a million tourists enjoying their vacation in the country.