Covid self-test kits

At-home coronavirus test kits have hit the Czech market - they are now available in pharmacies and several grocery chains.

The customers' interest in antigen self-testing has been great. The Kaufland retail chain has been offering self-test kits since last week and has already sold tens of thousands of them - even though there is a limit of one test per customer per day.

Starting this week, people are also able to buy the so-called lollipop rapid tests at the Penny Market stores. Although this type of test is more expensive, it is more pleasant than nose swab or saliva tests, Penny Market spokesperson said.

The Globus supermarket chain is to add the coronavirus tests to its range of goods at the end of this week. Billa is also planning to sell them in the near future, while Albert is exploring the possibilities.

The prices range from 150 to 250 crowns a test - depending on the type and the size of the package. Entrepreneurs can also buy these tests in bulk in Makro stores where there are a bit cheaper.

All tests sold have to be on the list approved by the Ministry of Health. Self-employed people or companies can therefore use them for the mandatory testing in businesses.

Companies with more than 250 employees had to complete the first round of weekly testing by last Friday, businesses with 50 to 249 employees had their deadline on Monday, March 15. Smaller companies with ten to 49 employees must finish by March 26, while offices and other public institutions with 50 or more employees have to complete the testing by Wednesday.