Covid: Tunisia and Georgia to be added to the "green list"

Another two countries may be added to the list of places that are safe for travels - this time Tunisia and Georgia, claims the Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Petříček (ČSSD). According to him, the criteria for becoming a safe country are not purely drawn from coronavirus situation. It is also dependent on reciprocity and consular services.

With some countries becoming green, however, some other may be red soon - for example Bulgaria, Romania and Portugal, where numbers of cases have risen in the last two weeks. It is not only the numbers that help the epidemiologists with decisions, though. The experts also monitor locations of the cases - for example in Bulgaria the outbreak is as of now only localized.

Serbia and Montenegro have already been relegated to the red category of states, and they even disappeared from the list of safe European countries. Czech Republic on the other hand supports travels from Australia and New Zealand even though none of the countries allows Czech citizens to visit them.