Culture: What to do when Autumn comes

Summer is over, and the autumn is here now. The coronavirus reduces the options of how people spend their free time. But this does not mean people should lock themselves at home. Everyone should avoid covid-friendly behaviour, but they should avoid solitude and boredom too.

We are bringing you some inspiration of where to have some fun. We picked a few events that you can visit this Saturday. Each of them is different, and each of them is in a different city.

We would also like to let people know about the free entries in Moravskoslezký region and the Kings of the Sun exposition in Prague. These are available for a longer period of time.

Saint Wenceslas Vintage Festival in Kadaň

On Saturday 26th of September, you can visit the gardens of Franciscan Monastery in Kadaň and spend nice afternoon there with a glass of wine and live folklore music. You can also visit the inside of the monastery and the wine cellar.

Mind that due to the limited capacity of visitors, there might be a longer queue at the entrance and once you leave the place, the ticket will not be valid anymore.

Find more information about the event using the below link:

Tattoo Event 2020 in Pardubice

Forty tattooers will be competing in Congress Centre Palác Atrium in Pardubice this Saturday. In addition to watching the competition, visitors can join the workshops, learn more about tattoo art and buy tattoo equipment.

There will also be a Barber Shop, Hair Artist Studio and music to enjoy.

Find more information in the link below:

Free entrances to 57 places in Moravskoslezský region

Untill the end of October, 57 places in Moravskoslezský region offer free entry. You can visit ZOO Ostrava, Dolní oblast Vítkovice, castles and many other places for free.

Check below website to see the map with the places you can choose from:

Make sure to check the opening hours before you go and mind that the places might be more crowded than usually, especially during the weekends.

Kings of the sun in the National Muzeum of Prague

Until the beginning of February, you can see the artefacts that the archeologists found in Egypt. Visit the extraordinary exposition, which you can find in the National Museum of Prague.

You can see the greatest archeological discoveries the Czech Egyptologists made during their research in Abusir, Egypt.

Check below link to find more information: