Czech airports coming back to life

With the upcoming holiday season, airports are slowly waking up from the coronavirus break. In April, two regular flights were planned for a week at Prague Main Airport, with two flights per hour. Shops are still closed, but people are returning and heading to traditional summer destinations.

Greece and Bulgaria are expecting their beaches to be full again as most of the flights to these destinations are fully booked. Italy, on the other hand, is not as popular as it used to be in recent years. The number of tourists interested in this destination decreased by two-thirds.

Plane tickets for the upcoming month are almost completely sold out and even prices for charter flights stay the same as last year. Regular flights prices will most likely not change much either for European destinations. Exotic places and intercontinental flights will be more expensive for this season. Flights and accommodation in Italy, however, due to lower tourist interest, are expected to be cheaper than usual.