Czechia - country of repairs

Railways, Prague metro and now also highways and motorways - with summer coming up all the reparations start. Up to 71 kilometres of the highway D1 will be under reconstruction at the one time. Beginning this weekend, also Prague metro line C will be partly unavailable.

D1 reparations are part the big modernization of this highway from Prague to Brno which is supposed to finish next year, according to minister of traffic Karel Havlíček (ANO). Therefore he asks the drivers to be patient because traffic jams are expected and the speed limit will be set to 80 km/h.

However, it will not be only D1 where the drivers' nerves will be tested. Reparations will take place also on the motorway from Prague to Chomutov or near České Budějovice. In September, further repairs will be going on in Brno, as well.

From Saturday 4th of July, builders will be repairing also the Prague metro - line C will be closed between stations Pražského povstání and Hlavní nádraží. Substitutional bus public transport will be provided. Similar measures will be taken also at the end of July for the section Nádraží Holešovice - Letňany.