Czechia to go back into lockdown

Due to the still increasing numbers of new coronavirus cases, the country will go into second lockdown on Thursday, October 22, at 6 a.m.

Shops and services will have to close again - but there are a lot of exceptions, for example groceries, drugstores, gas stations, pharmacies or pet shops. Newsagents, laundries, dry cleaners, funeral services, florists, locksmiths, gardening supplies, car repair shops, electronics stores and repair shops may also remain open.

The government also decided to impose further restrictions on movement of people. Citizens will be allowed to go to work, the shops, the doctor, the office or to visit a family member. People heading to a wedding, a funeral, or travelling outside of the Czech Republic, will also have an exception.

Safe outdoor activities are not only allowed, but explicitly encouraged by the Ministry of Health. These include walks in the woods, in the parks or trips to a weekend cottage. However, people need to be alone or in pairs - with the exception of members of one household.

These new measures will stay in effect until the end of the state of emergency. Right now, that means until November 3. The government wants to decide whether it is necessary to extend the state of emergency on October 30, based on the development of the epidemiological situation. It will then have to get approval from the Chamber of Deputies.