Czechs are getting ready for summer

Currently, thousands of clients every day buys so called "first minute" holidays, according to travel agencies. Despite last year's steep drop in sales, Czech travel agencies are guessing to return to 60 percent of their 2019 sales.

December, January and February are usually one of the peaks of the season for travel agencies. Last year was, however, hugely affected by the pandemic and people virtually stopped buying first minute holidays. This winter seems not to follow the last year's path and people are again interested in buying summer holidays in advance.

According to experts, people not only desire some relaxation time that they missed last summer, but also first minute discounts and unused vouchers from last year which expire on the 31st of August. Clients who will not manage to use the voucher, will not lose their money, because the travel agency is obliged to pay for the unused voucher. However, for many people it is better to exchange the voucher for new holidays.

Traditional destinations as popular as in the last years

This year, one of the most popular destinations is typically Greece, which is chosen by 35 percent of clients in Invia travel agency, followed by Turkey, which was completely closed to tourists last year and Bulgaria with 12 percent.

Traditionally, Croatia or neighboring Slovakia will also be popular, but these are countries where a large part of Czech tourists go on their own without a travel agency. Egypt has also been successful for a long time and among the exotic destinations there is Zanzibar or UAE.

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