Depression and anxiety on the rise

During the coronavirus crisis, the number of people with at least moderate depression and anxiety in the Czech Republic rapidly increased. The situation mostly affected women, young people and people who lost their income. This was shown by a study of four researchers from the Institute for Democracy and Economic Analysis (IDEA).

At the beginning of the lockdown, one-fifth of adults had symptoms of depression, which is about three times more than before the emergency state was called. The situation then got better with following months however, in the middle of June the number depressed people was double compared to the time before the pandemic.

The experts point out that people's lives changed overnight, the opportunity to meet other people was reduced and many were left alone. There was a fear for loved ones and their own health, there was a risk of loss of income and loss of employment. In many households it was necessary to combine work with teaching children. The uncertainty surrounding the development of the situation was disturbing.

Before the pandemic, about five percent of men and seven percent of women had at least moderate depression. At the end of March, it was 13 percent men and 26 percent of women. The number then decreased but has not returned to the previous percentage.