Dramox, the Czech Netflix for theatres has been launched

Do you miss theatricals? No need to despair. For theatre lovers, the first Czech streaming service Dramox offers plays to watch online. Most from the subscription will go back to the creators.

As it is possible to subscribe HBO or Netflix to watch movies at home on TV or on a computer, the Dramox video portal lets you watch Czech theatre performances. A monthly subscription costs 299 CZK or an annual one for 2990 CZK, but it is possible to try the video library for free for first seven days.

Currently, most of the performances are recordings made by Czech Television, over time the founders of Dramox want to make their own. One of the founders, Martin Zavadil, said that theatres will receive 55% from the subscription. Those interested can support theatres through Dramox beyond the subscription.

So far, 40 plays from 30 theatres are available online. In Dramox it will be possible to see performances by, for example, the Dejvice Theater, the Klicper Theater, the J. K. Tyl Theater or Husa na provazku Theater. The founders of the portal promise to add new performances every month. They started with dramas and puppets, because it was easiest to get the rights to them. Spectators can also see the performance, which are usually completely sold out.