Expired driving licence still valid

Due to reduced working hours of offices and long queues of people, police will accept expired driving licences. People whose driving license has expired during an emergency state can therefore continue to drive. The document is considered valid and there is no risk of a fine. The measure is currently valid for a period of emergency and only in the Czech Republic.

In addition, the ministry of travel is proposing to extend the validity of driving licenses until 31 March 2021. It will discuss the proposal with the European Commission. Further information to be found HERE.

Further information to replace your driving licence:

  • If you need a new document, please use the reservation systems of the authorities

  • You can apply for a driver's license up to 3 months in advance

  • You must bring a valid ID and an existing driver's license for the exchange. When submitting the application, the applicant no longer submits a paper photograph, officials will take a digital one on the spot, or download the current one from the registers kept by the Ministry of the Interior

  • If the driver requests the issuance of a document within 5 working days, the exchange will cost him 700 crowns. By default, the exchange is free.