Express railway from Prague to Dresden to be ready by 2035

This speedy railway will reach up to 350 km/h and travel time from Prague to Ústí nad Labem will then be halved to 30 minutes. Thus journey to Dresden could take about an hour. This plan is criticised by some of the mayors of the villages that the railway is supposed to go through as some of its parts are projected to go through the forrest.

The building will cost 198 billion crowns on the Czech side and 32 billion on the German side. Express railway will start its journey in Prague - Vysočany and then will get to the now existing railway going through Ústí nad Labem and Děčín to Dresden.

However, the planned route is heavily criticised by mayors in the region of Litoměřicko. According to them, it is planned to go through the only forrest that is in that area and the builders will have to cut many trees to build the railway. The mayors are also worried that cutting the trees will deepen the problems with drought in this region.