Festival Praha Září: Prague shines in September

Září - a word that means two things in Czech language: September and shine. Both apply perfectly for the big autumn festival that started on Tuesday and offers music, dance and a new theatre performance.

Twenty-five organizers and producers have joined forces in a three-week event in Prague September. Until 28th September, the program of Prague cultural festivals will be presented on several stages at the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds.

Visitors can choose from concerts, theatre performances or films. The Febiofest film festival, the Designblok show and the meeting of the new circus and the Letní Letná theater contributed to the program. Music projects Metronom Prague Music & Arts Fair and United Islands of Prague have also participated. The Prague Spring and Prague Dance Classical Music Festival is also involved.

Organizers hope that the Festival will not be cancelled due to worsening situation as there are many measures to keep everyone healthy. People have to register before entering the place and viewers are divided into smaller sectors.