Financial aid for tourism and film industry

The government has approved additional financial support for businesses affected by the anti-coronavirus measures.

For tour operators, travel agencies, and tourist guides, the government is ready to provide up to 500 million crowns.

Tour operators should be able to receive a maximum of 2.75 percent of their planned revenues from the sale of tours and services. Travel agencies will get 500 crowns for each canceled trip purchased from December 1st last year to October 1st this year.

According to government materials, tourist guides will get 50,000 crowns if they provide their services free of charge to schools for at least 10 hours. Or they can undergo a retraining programme accredited by the Ministry of Education and receive the same amount. If they do not meet any of these two criteria, they will still be able to get 40,000 crowns.

The government also wants to provide a total of 98 million crowns to cinema operators, film production and distribution companies through the State Cinematography Fund. This financial aid has to be approved by the Budget Committee of the Chamber of Deputies first.