Former Czechoslovakia's Communist leader dies

Miloš Jakeš, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia who resigned during the 1989 Velvet Revolution, has died aged 97.

Jakeš lead the Communist Party from December 1987 until November 1989. He became one of the symbols of the fall of the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia.

He was famous for his speech on July 17, 1989 in Červený Hrádek, which wasn't meant to be heard by the public, but was leaked by Czechoslovak Television technicians. His confused and even naively honest speech amused people while showing them that the regime is not that strong anymore.

After the revolution, Jakeš was twice investigated by the police. He faced charges of treason for collaborating with the Soviets during the 1968 occupation, but the prosecution was eventually stopped. In 2019, he was charged with abuse of power for allowing people to be shot or killed by dogs when trying to cross the border.