Friday Morning News

Covid-19 update

Over three thousand people were tested positive on Thursday, September 24th. It is the second highest number. The first time there were over three thousand people infected was on Thursday, September 17th.

From Monday to Thursday, September 20th to September 24th, there were over nine thousand people tested positive. There were nearly eight thousand people tested positive from Monday to Thursday of the previous week.

Over 650 people are in hospital. 130 of them are in serious condition. The proportion of people who are in hospital out of the number of the people infected is around 2,4% compared to the situation in Spring, when the proportion was reaching 10%.

Austria is going to add Prague to the list of risky areas from Monday, September 28th. For the people travelling from Prague to Austria, negative covid-19 test will be mandatory to have. From the same day, Tunisia is changing the restrictions towards the Czech Republic, too. The negative covid-19 test will be mandatory also for the people who travel into the country with a travel agency. So far, the test was only needed for the people who went to the country on their own.

Roman Prymula, the Minister of Health, is going to evaluate the situation at a press conference on Friday. He is going to announce the actual reproduction number (the average number showing how many other people get infected by one infected person) and the changes in so-called „traffic lights“ (the map which shows, how risky each country is for the Czech Republic).

Regional Hygienic Stations do not manage

Within the last two weeks, over two and half thousand tests could not be checked by the laboratories, because they were overloaded. According to the authorities, there were some issues after the systems of the Hygienic Stations and the systems of Laboratories got unified and they have been solved now. According to Hygienic Stations, the issue is that the employees are not able to manage all the work.

Only 15% of the primary schools have the recommended Friday off

Roman Prymula, the Minister of Health, recommended a holiday for primary schools for Friday, September 25th. He said the holiday together with the prolonged weekend might help to decrease the number of the people infected. The afternoon school clubs would stay open.

Only 15% of the schools followed this recommendation. The teachers who did not close the school on Friday said they wanted to save the holiday for a situation, when it will be needed more. And they also say the day off would be an issue for the parents, because the recommendation was announced quite late and there would be no one to take care of the kids while the parents are at work.

The Bečva River poisoned by cyanide

The result of the research confirmed that the Bečva River has been poisoned by cyanide. The area of the accident is at the border of Zlínský and Olomoucký region, the part of Bečva River located above the Přerov city. Tens of kilometres of the river are affected, tens of tons of fish were killed, the river remained dead after the contamination. According to the authorities, it is the worst ecological accident in last ten years. The source of the contamination is not known yet.