Friday News Summary

COVID-19 update Due to technical issues, the number of people tested positive from Wednesday, September 30th was not updated correctly. The number of people infected on Wednesday was almost three thousand. Number of people tested positive on Thursday, October 1st was close to 3500. State of Emergency is going to be set up on Monday, October 5th. According to the Minister of Health, a fifth of people who are in hospital due to COVID-19 have no symptoms and they are in the hospital, because there are no beds available in the aftercare departments. The Government is going to publish a new map of Europe, which is showing how big the risk of infection currently is for people travelling abroad from Czechia. The last time this map with “red lights'' was updated was on September 25th.

According to the Minister of Interior, up to ten thousand inspections per day are done by the police, which is checking, if the people are wearing the masks. There are tens of cases, where the police had to impose a fine. Around 250 policemen are going to get involved in the Smart Quarantine project as well. They are going to help to trace the infection spreading. According to the Prime Minister, Andrej Babiš (for ANO), the people will not have to make registration when they go to pubs. This restriction was previously proposed by the Minister of Health, Roman Prymula (for ANO), who apologized for the inaccurate statement afterwords. Post Offices change the opening hours Czech Post is changing the opening hours in more than 1200 post offices (there is 3200 post offices in total) from Thursday, October 1st. The changes are mainly affecting the smaller post offices in the cities. The post offices will be opened from 10:00 to 18:00 twice a week and from 8:00 to 16:00 three times a week. Elections Senate and Regional Elections start at 14:00 on Friday, October 2nd. Voters can visit the polls till 22:00 on Friday, or on Saturday, October 3rd from 8:00 to 14:00. All the candidates had a deadline by which they should have proven the sources of the donations they got for their public promotion. 40 of them have not proven the source yet. More information about this year's election is HERE.