Friday news summary

Covid update

Today, the risk index of the anti-epidemic system PES in the Czech Republic reached the highest, fifth level of alert. The index reached 76 points out of a hundred, which is the lower limit of the fifth degree. Officially, the PES, which is to follow the measures against the spread of covid-19, is in fourth degree from today. See all the new measures HERE.

Students will have longer holidays

Pupils and students of primary, secondary and higher vocational schools have tha last day of school today. For Monday and Tuesday next week, the ministry announced the days of the fight against Covid-19, extending the Christmas holidays, which were originally scheduled to begin on Wednesday. If epidemic measures remain as they are now, children should return to schools to a limited extent on the 4th of January.

Ski season starts

Czech ski resorts can start the season today. Skiers at ski lifts and cable cars must prepare for the obligation to have a covered mouth and nose, in the queues there are mandatory two-meter distances. It is not possible to stay in the mountains for recreational purposes, restaurateurs may only sell snacks through the dispensing windows.

Discussion on state budget continues

The Chamber of Deputies will continue in the final round of discussing the state budget for next year. On Wednesday, the debate was postponed until today because the governing coalition did not have secured support. The Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová (for ANO) hopes that the budget will be approved. She is willing to accede to the communist proposal to transfer money from the Ministry of Defense to the government's budget reserve.

Nine years ago, the first Czech president died

Today, people will remember the memory of former President Václav Havel with lighted candles, a procession to the Castle and pulled-up trousers. Part of the ceremony will be online due to the coronavirus measures. Nine years ago, politician, playwright and former dissident Havel died at the age of 75 in his cottage in Hrádeček near Trutnov.