Friday news summary

The government has presented a new TikTok account

The government is now also on the TikTok social network. It announced it on Thursday on its twitter account. The project called "Hlídač státu" drew attention to the agreement that accompanies this government transition to a social network for young people. The campaign is supposed to be led by two Czech influencers Anna Šulcová and Jakub Gulab. It is advertised for half a million crowns and is signed with the company, which was established shortly before the end of last year. The Prime Minister said on Twitter that he does not know what TikTok is.

First TikTok video of the government can be seen HERE.

Covid update and new measures

The number of deaths of covid-19 since the beginning of the epidemic in the Czech Republic on Thursday has exceeded 16,000. There were 7937 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, about four hundred more than a week ago. The risk index of the anti-epidemic system PES is still in the fourth degree with 68 points.

Tougher measures were introduced yesterday, regarding the situation in ski resorts and accomodation in hotels - you can read all about it HERE. Moreover, antigen testing will still be for free for everyone every three days instead of five. As part of the measure, the government renewed the ban on visiting patients in hospitals with people in acute care beds. There are, however, some exceptions such as third person at labor.

Protests are planned for today

The Chcípl PES initiative, which brings together people who do not agree with the government's anti-epidemic measures, is preparing a demonstration in Prague today. It wants to block government buildings from 3 pm, the details of the protest will be published on social networks an hour earlier. On Thursday, they called on their supporters to gather in the capital today.

Last Saturday, the initiative called on restaurants and other businesses to open through government measures. On the 10th of January, she organized a demonstration in Prague's Old Town Square, which brought together thousands of people.

Shop windows came to life for the second time

Yesterday, artists performance under the name Oživené výlohy (Revived shop windows) took place for the second time in seven places in Prague, in the shop windows of closed bars, cafés and shops. Pictures: Facebook, @cirklaputyka