Friday news summary

Schools will continue with distance learning even after the emergency state ends

Schools will continue to operate in the same mode as before, even after the emergency state ends, said Education Minister Robert Plaga (ANO) on Twitter this morning without further details. The state of emergency ends this Sunday; deputies rejected the government's proposal to extend this extraordinary legal regime for another month - you can read more about it HERE. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, only kindergartens and special schools and first and second grades of primary schools are now open. Other students have distance learning.

The coldest morning

This morning has been the coldest so far this winter, stated the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute on Facebook. Temperatures in the Czech Republic mostly dropped to minus ten to 15 degrees Celsius, on the Šumava plains to minus 30 degrees. Arctic air is now flowing into the Czech Republic from the north, and severe frosts are expected to last at least another week.

End of coal in the Czech Republic?

According to the Commission for the Environment of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the country should withdraw from coal by 2033. Scientists chose the fastest of three possible scenarios and provided some recommendations. The Coal Commission, however, that was deciding about the scenarios in December, chose the year 2038. The scenarios were either 2033, 2038 or 2043. The government has not yet decided.