Friday news summary

Covid update

On Thursday, there were 14,151 new positive cases in the Czech Republic. This was the second highest increase since the beginning of the epidemic, but the number of newly confirmed cases decreased slightly compared to Wednesday. There is a state of emergency in the country, free movement has been restricted for two days now, most shops are closed and two weeks have passed since the day when zoos or swimming pools closed.

Prymula in a restaurant without a mask

Minister of Health Roman Prymula (for ANO) does not obey the government regulations. At night from Wednesday to Thursday, together with the first vice-president of ANO political party Jaroslav Faltýnek, they visited a Prague restaurant. Moreover, neither was wearing a mask.

Coalition partners - Social Democratic party - have already requested immediate resignation of the minister. According to the mayor, Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates), the Prague City Hall will conduct administrative proceedings with Jaroslav Faltýnek and Roman Prymula.

EU sending 30 ventilators and offering help to Czechia

"Chair of the commission @vonderleyen personally called me a moment ago that @EU_Commission due to our current situation in the fight against Covid-19, the EU will immediately supply us with 30 ventilators from EU crisis warehouses, and that it will connect us with other EU states, which will offer us their free capacities. Thank you for the solidarity and quick reaction," said the Prime minister Andrej Babiš on Twitter.

Foreign medical help approved

The government has agreed that military medics from the countries of NATO or the European Union can work in the Czech Republic. With the Covid-19 pandemic, up to 300 foreign soldiers-medics can come to help. The decision is not final yet, the parliament must now confirm it.

Field hospital in Letňany almost finished

Most of the 500 hospital beds have been prepared in Prague Letňany. The hospital is supposed to be finished and working on Sunday. Patients who have already undergone treatment in a routine facility and will not be in serious condition but will still require medical care will be transported there.