Friday news summary

State of emergency extended

Yesterday, the Chamber of Deputies agreed to extend the state of emergency until December 12. That is 8 days less than the government requested. More information on the extension can be found HERE. The Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for ANO) will now propose to the government to release the measures to the fourth degree of the anti-epidemic system PES, which will probably come into force from Monday. There were 6471 more infected on Thursday, 1402 less than a week ago.

Tax package

Last night, the Chamber of Deputies approved a reduction in the basic personal income tax rate to 15 percent from the current 20.1 percent. For people with a salary of over 140,000 crowns, part of their income above this limit should be taxed at a rate of 23 percent. The tax package will now go to the Senate for discussion.

The Deputies will freeze their salaries

The Chamber of Deputies has four extraordinary meetings on the agenda today. The MEPs have already agreed that the gross salaries of top politicians and other officials, including judges, will remain at this year's level next year. The salary freezing was approved today by the Chamber of Deputies. The draft has yet to be assessed by senators and signed by the president. The MEPs will also discuss low-carbon energy today. At noon, MEPs will address anti-corruption legislation, and then, rules on debt relief and children's debts are on the agenda.