Friday news summary

Covid update

There were fewer new cases of coronavirus on Thursday than a week ago, with laboratories revealing 4,048 infections. The number of hospitalized people has also been declining. The PES risk score remains at 57 points on the fifth day, it means on the third of five alert levels.

Ski and winter resorts will be restricted

Winter resorts in the Czech Republic are preparing for the upcoming ski season, and many people are already booking their stay in the mountains. However, it remains unclear what restrictions these resorts will have to deal with; the anti-pandemic system (PES) does not count on the operation of ski resorts. According to the government, ski resorts will receive tailor-made rules that will be presented next week.

Natural parks are suffering from lots of people and waste they produce

Popular tourist destinations are now full of plastic bottles, food packaging and used toilet paper. In particular, protected landscape areas are struggling with the crowds of tourists and the large amount of waste that people leave behind in nature.

For example, the administrator of Beskydy Pustevny Area estimates that in November he collected almost five times more waste than last year. In the village of Mšeno in the Kokořín region, according to the local mayor, they record a 100% increase in plastic in municipal waste. The problem is greatest mainly in suburban forests and also in narrow rock routes like in Drábské Světničky.

Nejedlý has flown to Russia

A President's advisor Martin Nejedlý has flown to Russia. The pirate MP asked the minister to take away his diplomatic passport. Before his departure, he told the media that in Moscow, he will negotiate with the administration of President Vladimir Putin on relations and mutual visits. Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček (CSSD) assumes that he will be informed about the content of the trip of Nejedlý to Russia.

Nejedlý has already said that he did not intend to negotiate a tender for the construction of a nuclear unit in Dukovany in Russia. According to the available information, the Russian company Rosatom is among the possible bidders. The mentioned media stated that Nejedlý had secretly met with the head of Rosatom Alexej Lichačov three years ago.