Friday news summary

Covid update

On Thursday, there were 4,624 new cases of Covid-19, about six hundred more than the previous Thursday. However, the risk index of the anti-epidemic system PES has not changed compared to the previous days, for 12 days in a row it is at 57 points out of a hundred.

Yesterday was the first day when people could go to shops or sit in a restaurant. According to the Minister of of Industry, Trade and Transport Karel Havlíček (for ANO), shops were not overcrowded and most of them were respecting the measures - some use cards with numbers to count the number of people in the shop, others use electronic counting, the Minister added.

Teachers can get tested for free

From today to the 18th of December, teachers can have a free Covid-19 test. At the sampling points in hospitals and medical facilities, antigen tests are prepared for them, the same type of tests has recently been used in homes for the elderly. According to the Ministry of Education, if everyone were tested, it would be about 170,000 people.

New political movement has emerged

The new political movement of the former chairman of the Million Moments Association, Mikuláš Minář, is called People PRO (PRO = FOR). For example, David Ondráčka, former director of the anti-corruption organization Transparency International, and Pavel Vyhnánek, Deputy Mayor of Prague (Prague Sobě), will cooperate with Minář. People can sign a statement on the movement's website that they want it to run in next year's parliamentary elections. The movement is looking for 500,000 signatures.

Primark will not open its shop in Prague by Christmas

Czechs will not shop in Prague's Primark this year. The Irish chain with cheaper fashion has again postponed the opening of the first Czech store on Wenceslas Square. It plans to start selling here early next year. The chain originally planned to open this spring. However, the coronavirus pandemic, which closed Primark's shopping centers and branches across Europe, postponed the Czech premiere.