From July 2021, some plastic products will not be sold

Plastic cotton swabs, cutlery, plates, straws and other disposable plastic products should be banned from selling on the market next summer. Resale of stocks will be possible, a total ban of these things should take effect no later than a year after.

The Minister of the Environment Richard Brabec (ANO) introduced this measure within the new law on limiting the impact of selected plastic products that he plans on presenting to the so called inter-ministerial comment procedure. The law comes from a European directive.

In addition to the products mentioned, food and drink containers and expanded polystyrene cups will not be available either. The law also introduces other obligations and requirements for manufacturers. From July 2024, they will have to attach a cap or lid to the container. This also applies to tetrapack packaging for milk or juices. At the same time, EU Member States previously agreed that by 2029, nine tenths of plastic bottles should be recycled.

According to the Ministry's estimates, approximately 300 million plastic straws, 20 million plates, 60 million cutlery, 40 million food containers and 40 million expanded polystyrene cups are sold annually in the Czech Republic.