Google: movement of people reduced

The newest measures have further shrunk the movement of people by another five to ten percentage points compared to the end of February.

According to data from Google, probably the biggest difference was in the number of people spending time in nature or in city parks. However, this could have been also affected by the weather. In February, people were spending up to a 20% more time outdoors than normal - last week, it was 36% below normal.

While at the end of February 29% less people went to work than that was usual before the pandemic; last week, attendance at work was lower by 33 to 35%. On the other hand, 15 to 19% more people stayed at home last week, compared to 11 to 13% a week before that.

The incidence of people at public transport stops was already 30 to 35% below normal before the tightening of the restrictions. In the week starting from March 1, it declined further to 42 to 49% below normal.

At the end of February, people went to pharmacies and grocery stores one to seven percent more than a year ago - last week, the trend changed to a decline of two to ten percent.