Half of Czechs stay home when sick

When experiencing symptoms associated with Covid-19, only 46 percent of Czechs stay at home, World Health Organization research shows.

According to experts, this figure might be the reason for the massive spread of the infection in the Czech Republic and general failure to manage the pandemic. Basic hygienic measures that include hand washing, wearing face masks and keeping distance from others, are not followed by 16 to 33% of the population.

45% of Czechs consider the pandemic to be a media bubble and 40% feel like the anti-epidemic measures unnecessarily restrict their personal freedom. Only 18% of respondents think they are at high risk of contracting the coronavirus. Their share does not significantly differ from August, when the situation in the country was more under control.

According to the survey, 76% and 66% do not trust the government and the Ministry of Health, respectively. Of the current measures taken, people refrain from meeting family and friends the least.

The results also showed a growing interest in getting a vaccine. While 47% wanted the jab in August and 38% in November, in January it was 53%.