Happy birthday, Czechoslovakia

102 years ago, Czechoslovakia declared independence. Traditionally, the foundation of the state is remembered by the ceremonial awarding of state awards or a rememberance act in Prague's Vítkov. Due to the pandemic, none of these ceremonies will take place this year.

In January 1918, Czech deputies of the Imperial Council and Land Assemblies adopted the so-called Three Kings Declaration, which called for the establishment of a sovereign Czechoslovak state. An important milestone was the end of June 1918. At that time, the French government recognized the Czechoslovak National Council as "the basis of the next Czechoslovak government."

In August, the Czechoslovak Republic was recognized by Britain, as well as the United States, Japan and Italy.

This was followed by the formation of a government in exile on September 26. Tomáš Garigue Masaryk became president, prime minister and at the same time minister of finance, Edvard Beneš minister of foreign affairs, Milan Rastislav Štefánik minister of the military.

The national holiday will commemorate at least the ceremonial change of the castle guard at 12:00, at the end of which an anthem will be played. In the evening, the first courtyard of Prague Castle will be lit in the colors of the Czech tricolor. President Miloš Zeman will not award the state awards to selected personalities until next year. At 20:00, at least the Castle will publish on its website a list of all this year's nominees.