Health minister caught breaking virus rules

The Minister of Health Roman Prymula (for ANO) got caught by reporters of the tabloid Blesk violating own anti-coronavirus measures. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) called his actions inexcusable and wants to replace him.

The photos show Prymula and the first vice-president of the ANO party Jaroslav Faltýnek leaving a restaurant that should have been closed. Prymula also failed to wear a mask when getting in the car while his driver opened the door for him. This happened only hours after the minister announced that the country will go into second lockdown.

Prymula refused to step down and insists he did not breach any rules. According to him, the meeting took place in premises adjacent to the restaurant. He admitted he should have been wearing a mask but said that he put it on in the car immediately.

The Prime Minister has asked the President Miloš Zeman to dismiss the minister. The Czech Constitution says that: "The President of the Republic shall dismiss a member of the Government if the Prime Minister so proposes." In the past, Zeman did not immediately dismiss the minister when asked and today, he expressed his doubts about replacing Prymula.

The President will meet with the yet-unnamed candidate for the post of Minister of Health on Tuesday, and Babiš thinks that he will then comply with his request to dismiss Prymula. The new minister could be appointed on Thursday.