Health Minister's appeal

The anti-epidemic measures have stopped working due to non-compliance and virus mutations, says the Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for ANO).

Blatný stated that it was a fact that the epidemic situation in the country is not improving. According to him, the worsening statistics show that the new more contagious British mutation of the virus is already present in the population.

Another reason for the constantly prolonged restrictions is non-compliance, Blatný said. It is possible to consider tightening the measures further - but without people's understanding and cooperation, they will not work. He mentioned a possibility of banning travel between regions or placing a restriction on the maximum distance people can go from home.

The Minister has acknowledged that many people are tired of the restrictions, at the end of their physical strength and financial possibilities. But he asked citizens to endure. In March, Czechia may receive more vaccines which are needed for ending the pandemic. Without compliance with the existing measures, the Czech Republic will have to live with restrictions for the next few months.