Hockey and football fans to protest against anti-covid measures

Football and hockey fans will protest against government "confusing" measures that are supposed to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

According to the signatories of the statement on the website, anti-coronavirus regulations are announced as on a treadmill, without any background and most people do not have the opportunity to adapt to them.

According to the Prague police spokeswoman Eva Kropáčová, the police is preparing security measures in connection with the protest. Football and hockey fans invite people throught social media. Therefore, it is not known how many will participate. The Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček (ČSSD) calls on the participants to proceed peacefully and to obey the rules.

Under the current regulation, a maximum of 500 people can take part in the protest. They must be divided into groups of twenty, with a gap of at least two meters between the groups and all the people must have their mouths and noses covered.

Football and hockey fans want to protest together despite all the club rivalry. They want to express support for their clubs, which, according to them, have spent considerable money on regular coronavirus testing and other measures and yet, the government measures have prevented them from continuing the season. They also accuse the government of "not being able to present any visions for the future today, after half a year, when it had time to prepare for the much-mentioned 'second wave'."