How to deal with climate change?

Inspirational projects that are supposed to help our society to face climate change - that is a competition called Adapterra Awards. This year's six winning projects focused on different areas of the environment - for example free landscape, urban area, park and environmental-friendly agriculture.

How to stop drying out of wells or meadows? And on the other side how to handle heavy rains without floods? The project of Lubor Křížek deals with this problem. He built a system of ponds, dams and drains, which can keep the water around his house longer when it is dry and does not allow it to do muddy damage when torrential rains come. The project was built in the settlement of Dřevniště near Sedlčany.

A field just outside of Prague, where the quality of agricultural land is not considered. It does not invite for a walk. The Department of Nature Protection of the City of Prague decided to change it. It divided the single field with fruit trees into smaller fields, where crops began to alternate and where no chemical treatment or fertilizer is used. After the harvest, the crops grown go to local kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, homes for the elderly or children's homes. In addition, the more varied landscape, shaded by trees, attracts locals to frequent walks.

In 2019, ČSOB completed the construction of an expanded headquarters in Radlice, Prague focused on a flexible working environment, sustainability and ecology. The new building copies the relief of the slope in which it is located. The solution of heating and cooling using an extensive system of heat pumps is especially unique. The building does not need a classic boiler room. The complex manages drinking water sparingly, mainly thanks to the use of rainwater.