Hyde Park Civilizace TV show available in English version

Hyde Park Civilizace is a TV show produced by Czech TV since 2012. This TV show focuses on science and contemporary civilisation. Each of the episodes has an interview with a top specialist from the Czech Republic or from abroad. Hyde Park Civilizace is moderated by Daniel Stach who has been working for Czech TV since 2010. Nowadays, he is the main moderator of the Science Redaction Office of Czech TV.

The interviews with the Czech guests are held in the Czech language, and the interviews with the foreign guests are dubbed for the Czech audience. Audiences can send their questions to the guest via the editorial office, and these are answered during the live interview.

The interviews with the foreign guests are available in the original (English) version. They can be found on the web archive of Czech TV: https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/10441294653-hyde-park-civilizace/9271-english/. In some of the episodes, there are inserted parts that are in the Czech language, but whole the interview is in English. There are more than a hundred episodes available in English, and each episode takes around 55 minutes.

If people want to, they can recommend a particular specialist that they feel would be an interesting guest in Hyde Park Civilizace, or they can recommend an interesting topic to report. This is where their recommendations can be sent to: https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/10441294653-hyde-park-civilizace/9266-tip-na-hosta/. The person’s name who should become a guest needs to be filled into the ''Host“ field, and the topic should be filled into the ''Téma“ field.

There is a list of people and topics that people have already recommended. The list can be filtered out by typing at least three characters into the ‘‘Host“ field. Therefore it is possible to check if the person has already been suggested, before pressing the ''Odeslat“ (Send) button.