Johnson & Johnson vaccine to arrive mid-April

The first deliveries of the J & J vaccine that was approved for use by the European Commission should arrive to Czechia around mid-April.

According to the Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for ANO), the distribution of this vaccine should be resolved within a few days. In total, the Czech Republic has ordered two million doses. According to previous information, 185,000 of those should arrive in April.

Only a single dose of the J & J vaccine is needed. Its other advantage is storage at a "refrigerator" temperature. Like AstraZeneca, this vaccine will be suitable for vaccinations by the general practitioners.

So far, a million people have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine. In Czechia, vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca are in use. Healthcare workers and people over the age of 70 are prioritized right now.

However, there has been a change in the prioritization strategy this week, according to the Deník N server. The government decided that police officers and firefighters can book their appointments from this Tuesday. In the original plan, they were behind seniors aged 65-69 and chronically ill patients.

The police explain the need for quicker vaccination by frequent contact of the officers with potentially infected people in the field. Last week alone, they had to quarantine hundreds of officers. Police presidium therefore fears that the police's ability to act could soon be jeopardized.

The current anti-epidemic measures are different than during the spring wave. Back then, police contact with the citizens has been minimized. Right now, most officers are involved in the restrictions. This fact has now been reflected by the change of prioritization.