Masks may return in autumn

The time of a year when respiratory diseases spread the most - autumn - is scaring epidemiologists already. Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (ANO) announced today that wearing masks will most likely become obligatory again in autumn. According to him, the situation will be more complicated as these months are usually full of flu epidemics and other respiratory problems.

At the moment, masks are only obligatory in Prague metro or some localized areas such as: Moravskoslezský region or region of Jihlavsko. People also have to wear a mask when they use medical services, visit senior homes or take part in an event with over a hundred participants.

The Czech government presumes the second wave of coronavirus will arrive in autumn. Ministers also anticipate a bigger need of extensive testing at that time - now the daily average is between 1500 and 5000, the maximum was 9000 a day at the peak of the pandemic.