Monday COVID-19 update

New restrictions in regions

New restrictions are valid from Monday 21st of September for Prague, Středočeský region, Zlínský region, Uherské Hradiště district, Kroměříž district and in Cheb.

People in the mentioned areas have to wear a mask at outdoor events with more than 100 people. It is not mandatory to wear masks at the outdoor markets, but it is recommended to wear mask every time when a person is surrounded by many people and it is not possible to keep the recommended distance.

Number of new cases

After 6 days, the number of new cases of people infected by coronavirus is lower than thousand on Sunday, which is approximately half of the number of positive cases from Saturday. The lower number of people tested positive during the weekend is caused by the lower number of people tested in total.

Universities closed

Universities in Prague started a distant form of education from Monday. Students can use the laboratories, do their experimental or art work with maximum 15 people at the same place. Students can also visit libraries, consult their work with a teacher and attend the exams with maximum 10 people. High schools and primary schools are still open and they might be closed only in case the situation would get much worse, according to the authorities.

Central Crisis Staff, not Emergency state yet

Government is going to have a meeting to restore the Central Crisis Staff due to the situation regarding corona virus. Further updates will follow when the Central Crisis Staff is established.

Events might be cancelled

The government is going to discuss what measures will follow. People should be aware of possible cancelling of mass events in the following days.