Monday news summary

Queues on Czech-German borders due to new restrictions

The stricter measure, according to which commuters traveling from the Czech Republic to Germany must regularly submit a negative test for coronavirus, is causing traffic jams at the border. According to the workers, such an approach is discriminatory because the Germans who work with them are not tested. Moreover, according to the Czechs, there are no free test dates on the German side.

Covid update

In the Czech Republic, there were 2,376 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, the lowest daily increase since the 13th of December. The PES anti-epidemic risk index remains at 69 points on the third day, holding 12 days in the fourth of the five risk levels, according to the Ministry of Health. But the fifth degree is still valid in the country, the government is not planning to disintegrate.

Over 30 restaurants violated restrictions at the weekend

During Saturday's event of the Chcípl PES ("A dog has died") initiative, the police recorded more than 30 open restaurants throughout the Czech Republic. Violations of government anti-epidemic regulations will now be dealt with by administrations. In cooperation with the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, police also inspected ski resort hotels.

Political "party" in a hotel in Teplice

The Prince de Ligne Hotel in Teplice, owned by a local businessman and former politician Petr Benda, hosted Benda's 50th anniversary on Saturday evening, which, according to the daily Blesk, was attended by government sports representative Milan Hnilička, Czech Television Deputy Chairman Jiří Šlégr, former Prime Minister Jiří Paroubek and dozens of other guests. Hnilička has already apologized and said that he donated 50 thousand on charity.