Monday news summary

Quotas on food may be stopped by the Senate

Mandatory quotas for the sale of Czech food in large stores will most likely not apply from next January. Although approved by MPs last Wednesday, they are likely to be stopped by the Senate. Quotas are rejected by the three strongest clubs, which have a clear constitutional majority in the upper house of parliament.

Suchej Únor starts

The Dry February campaign begins today. Its organizers state that over a million people in the Czech Republic are behind the edge of risky drinking. Simultaneously with the campaign, the Dry Book is published, which in twenty-eight chapters presents alcohol in all its roles and forms. According to campaign manager Petr Freimann, this is not a ban, but a personal finding of a relationship with alcohol.

Covid update

The PES epidemic risk index has risen by three points to 73 points to date. On Sunday, there were 2,540 confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection in the Czech Republic. That was 146 cases more than a week ago.

Antigen testing every three days

People can now be tested for free covid-19 more often. As of today, they can take the free antigen test every three days instead of the current five days. This is made possible by an emergency measure issued by the Ministry of Health on Thursday. The Authority writes in the measure that it wants to allow more frequent testing, mainly due to the occurrence of new coronavirus mutations, which are more contagious than the original variant.