Monday news summary

COVID-19 update

More than five thousand people were tested positive on Sunday, October 18th, which was the highest number of people tested positive on Sunday so far. The number of people infected on Saturday, October 17th, was close to nine thousand, while almost 29,000 people were tested in total on Saturday.

On Friday, October 16th, there was the highest number of people tested in total within one day. The number of people tested in total was almost 39,000, and over 11,000 people were tested positive.

Government evaluation

The Government is going to discuss, the next steps regarding the COVID-19 situation on Wednesday, October 21st. One of the topics of the discussion will be the Christmas in Czechia, for example how will the Christmas markets be organised. The Ministry of Health is planning to test up to six millions of people in Czech using so called antigen tests. The testing has started in Uherskohradišťstko district, where thousands of people will be tested.

After the SMS campaign, when the people received a message asking them to install the eRouška app, more than 580,000 did so within a week. Over million people are using the eRouška app now.


More than hundred people detained and twenty policemen injured - that is the result of the demonstration against the COVID-19 measures, that was taking place in Prague, Old Town Square on Sunday, October 18th. The Municipality of Prague cancelled the demonstration, because the limit of 500 people gathering at one place was not met by the participants. Many of them did not respect other COVID-19 related measures, for example wearing the masks or keeping the distance.

Football Association vice-president in custody

The vice-president of the Football Association of the Czech Republic (FAČR), Roman Berbr, was sent into custody by the court, according to ČT. Due to the possible influence of witnesses, the director of the second league Vyšehrad, Roman Rogoz, is also heading to it. Prosecutor Lenka Bradáčová proposed detention for a total of four of the 20 people accused by the police on Friday in connection with the alleged influence of the results of football matches.